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Bugzilla is the leading open-source/free software bug tracking system, with high-profile installations at, GNOME, Red Hat, and NASA, among others. It features a comprehensive set of fields, attachment management, inter-bug dependencies, email notification of changes, a powerful query interface, reporting, and Web, XML, email, and console interfaces. It can be managed entirely using a Web-based UI. The user UI is customizable using templates.

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2010-04-17 12:29

The new features in this major release include migration from other bug tracking systems, a simple "Browse" interface for browsing open bugs in a system, some usability improvements resulting from a scientific usability study conducted on Bugzilla, and the ability to have drop-in, easy-to-write Extensions that enhance Bugzilla's functionality.
Tags: Major, 3.6, Stable

2010-03-13 18:34

This release candidate has received QA testing, and should be considerably more stable than the development releases before it. It is still not considered fully stable, and so you should understand that if you use it, you use it at your own risk. It includes Release Notes and a listing of New Features.
Tags: Unstable, 3.6

2010-02-08 07:15

This release contains various useful bugfixes and security improvements.
Tags: 3.4, Stable

2009-11-19 19:31

This unstable development release contains one security fix and several new features.
Tags: Unstable, 3.6

2009-11-19 19:31

This release fixes one security issue and a few minor bugs.
Tags: Stable, 3.4

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