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The Castle is a first-person shooter game in a dark fantasy setting. Your main weapon is a sword, so the fight is mostly short-range. Three main levels are included, packed with creatures, items, and sounds. A couple of bonus levels are also available, like the classic DOOM E1M1 level reimplemented in VRML. The game engine is based on VRML, OpenGL, OpenAL, and all shadows are done by the shadow volumes approach.

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2013-01-27 10:01

The code has been upgraded to use the latest Castle Game Engine version 4.0.0,
which brings many improvements and optimizations.

Creatures are now a little smarter and more configurable.

Collisions are handled in a uniform fashion,
which fixes some problems with creature vs. creature collisions
(for example, a creature can now step over the corpse of another creature).

Collisions with the ground when the creature was pushed by a force are now fixed.

The game data and source code are much simpler and easier to extend.

Levels and creatures load much faster and require less memory.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2012-01-02 06:48

Updated to use "Castle Game Engine" 3.0.0. Faster loading of 3D resources (levels, creatures, and such). The ability to design custom levels using X3D, with shader effects and other features from the latest engine version.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2011-01-08 07:56

Water animation on the "fountain" level is added. The game is ported to the "Kambi VRML game engine" version 2, which brings many bugfixes and optimizations. New levels may be designed using VRML/X3D events, drag sensors, shaders, and so on.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2009-01-05 01:57

The VRML engine was updated to the newest version.
This provides fixes for Mesa3d (especially on
Intel GPUs) and frustum culling optimizations.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2008-09-14 03:06

Support for the OpenAL-Soft implementation was
fixed. OpenAL-Soft is detected now, new
enumeration of available sound devices works, and
everything else works as with older OpenAL
Tags: Major bugfixes

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