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CGI:IRC is a Perl/CGI program that allows you to
use IRC from a Web browser without having to have
access to an IRC port. It does not use Java, but
it does need a browser capable of rendering
frames. It can be used on a Web page to allow
users to chat, or it can be used to access chat
from behind a firewall.

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2006-05-01 01:30

More translations have been added. This release fixes a buffer overflow in client.cgi, and fixes problems joining channels with non-ASCII characters in their names. There are various small bugfixes and minor features.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Stable

2005-06-27 09:49

This release contains fixes for UTF-8 support, fixes problems with older versions of Perl, and adds a perform configuration option for running commands on connect.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Stable

2005-02-10 22:54

Fixes to UTF-8 support and a /charset command for character set conversion.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Stable

2005-01-08 21:03

Bugfixes were made for Firefox, UTF-8 support, and
various other minor issues.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Stable

2004-10-27 06:39

This version features UTF-8 fixes.
Tags: Stable

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