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Chemtool is a GTK+-based 2D chemical structure editor for X11. Drawings can be exported in XFig format for further annotation, or as Postscript files (using xfig's companion program transfig). A set of sample molecular structure drawings is included in the archive.

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2011-12-25 01:53

This release fixes several bugs exposed by recent
gcc toolchains, including a crash on startup on Fedora16 and failure to include translations or to build at all. Filenames with embedded spaces are now supported. A new export mode for the Asymptote package was added.
Tags: Stable

2007-08-27 17:14

This release contains numerous fixes for label
positioning and sub/superscript kerning. Bond
length and zoom factor are now stored with the
drawing. Bond clipping of multiple bonds was
improved. New special key sequences for circled
plus and minus symbols were added. The
configuration dialog now lists gtklp among the
supported print commands. The source layout and
build system were reorganized to make addition of
translations easier. A Portuguese localization
file was added.
Tags: Major bugfixes

2007-04-24 18:12

PNG export, kprinter support, and a few new
template structures were added. Screen rendering
of complex labels was improved. Several problems
with text input in UTF8-enabled locales were
fixed. Arrowhead size in EPS output and the
appearance of arrowheads, superscripts, and
national characters in SVG output were fixed.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2005-08-03 23:08

This release fixes several serious bugs related to atom labeling that occurred only when linked against GTK 2.x. Additionally, several new features were backported from the current development series, including bond types for p-orbital drawing and "electron pair" dots, SVG improvements, and fig2sxd support for exporting to the OpenOffice Draw format.
Tags: Major bugfixes

2005-02-13 16:59

Support was added for (sub)structure queries in
MySQL databases and SDF files (based on Haiders
cmmm project).
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Development

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