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Chess Training Tools is a collection of chess training tools. It includes a chess visualization trainer that teaches chess visualization by drilling you on the color of a particular square, and also on your ability to tell if two squares are the same color, if two (or three) squares are on the same diagonal, if two squares are a knight move apart, or if two squares are two knight moves apart. It includes a weak chess program (called Vince) that lets you lag the display by several ply, hide all pieces or all pawns, and block out quadrants of the board. Furthermore, it includes an opening memorization trainer. The Palm & Pocket PC versions are missing the mate, opening trainer, and Vince.
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2010-01-22 19:54

A sector training test that helps break down the board into smaller junks for blindfold was added. Some UI issues around the Blindfold Test were fixed.

2009-06-12 17:22

A blindfold game test was added, which allows you to enter a PGN game and then step through it move by move while being quizzed on various aspects of the current position.

2009-02-28 06:20

This release adds a larger board display. It adds a new chess vision training tool. It improves opening play of the engine if it gets out of the book early. The opening trainer has been removed, as there are much better free tools.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2006-04-29 10:05

This release added undo, or move takeback to the PlayTest ("Vince").
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2005-06-03 10:12

This version adds the ability to hide the center, the "big"
center, and white and/or black pieces. It changes the chess
pieces to a different set to avoid possible copyright issues. It
shrunk the book down from the 2600 games size. The chess
board view was split out and is now a library. The layout was
changed a touch.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

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