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Coriander is a GUI that let you control your 1394
digital video camera interactively. It features
SDL display, FTP image posting, file saving, and
Real streaming. It is for IIDC cameras, not for
consumer grade DV cameras.

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2008-06-22 08:41

Automatic iso control and RECEIVE service was
implemented, and is on by default. Updates were
made for libdc 2.0.2. The port/node is shown in
the information frame. The "grab now" and "overlay
file entry" features were removed. The icons were
updated. Feature presence and menus were fixed.
Spurious debug messages were removed. A bug in
format7 controls was fixed.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Stable

2006-05-08 03:19

Format7 had a problem with incorrect image resizing. The symptoms were garbled images when changing the image size and non-functioning rulers for image position. This is now fixed through the used of the newly introduced function "dc1394_format7_set_roi()" of libdc1394 v2. Error/warning popup deadlocks have been fixed. Broadcast flag handling has been updated. Synched with libdc1394. ISO restart when changing format/mode/framerate has been fixed. External trigger input selection has been added.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Stable

2006-03-19 16:08

Many changes were made. This version requires
Tags: Major bugfixes, Stable

2005-06-29 08:24

Bad inclusion of services in the pipe was fixed.
Services are now inserted in the correct order. An
important bug in the synch pipe was fixed. This
bug allowed frames to be out of order and allowed
the pipe to oscillate. This release has not been
completely tested.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Stable

2004-12-20 18:13

This release adds bugfixes, a display pattern overlay, IIDC 1.31, and
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Stable

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