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Crabgrass is social networking, group collaboration, and network organizing Web application. It consists of a solid suite of group collaboration tools such as private wikis, task lists, a file repository, and decision making tools. Work is currently being done on a large user interface overhaul, better social networking tools, blogs, and event calendars, as well as better support for collaboration and decision making among independent groups.

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This is a hot fix release on top of the stable 0.5.2 release. It fixes a couple important bugs, but otherwise carries with it no major changes. Feature #2410: CA – masthead text next to the checkbox in search. Bug #2400 (remaining MessagePages causes crashes) has been fixed. Bug #2384 (cannot delete groups on has been fixed. Bug #2376 (undefined sass variables in _oldcss_to_be_updated.sass and other things) has been fixed. Bug #2246 (a backgroundrb packet_worker stat issue) has been fixed.
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