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Crabgrass is social networking, group collaboration, and network organizing Web application. It consists of a solid suite of group collaboration tools such as private wikis, task lists, a file repository, and decision making tools. Work is currently being done on a large user interface overhaul, better social networking tools, blogs, and event calendars, as well as better support for collaboration and decision making among independent groups.

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2010-04-14 06:58

Updated to the latest stable release, fixing layout issues. Network filter location searches have beben fixed to use groups instead of networks. Coordinators missing from their sections have been fixed. Some wiki fixes. Fixes to showing the correct committees in a group page. Users without groups land on the discover groups page. The owner title comes back in the me-section.
Tags: Stable

2010-03-14 18:53

This release marks a total visual layout rework, for cleaner and consistent workflow and fixed-width interface. The confusing ME section has been reworked and the dashboard has been killed: its functionality was put into other areas of the site. Multi-page select, search, and actions have been added along with view filters. New interesting pages and social activity feed were added. Private messages have been reworked to clean up the interface, have threading, and filter based on views. Crabgrass now allows browsing by location, which makes it much easier for users and groups to find one another.
Tags: Stable

2009-11-17 10:32

This is a bugfix release that resolves a problem with wiki update permissions not working properly.

2009-11-10 08:32

Many bugfixes and enhancements. Support for non-English languages has been improved. Better error reporting. Crabgrass stats and page count have been improved. Notifications for watched pages. Comments may be flagged for moderation. Inline editing of a document sections. Group requests have been fixed. The survey pagination have been fixed. User status updates are only visible to friend and peers. Dashboard message tabs are again available.

2009-10-20 14:16

A bug that caused lots of extra newlines and white space to be created between sections of wiki text was fixed. The Web site was updated with information on how to fix any sections that suffered from this bug.
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