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crosstool-NG is a versatile toolchain generator, aiming at being highly configurable. It supports multiple target architectures, different components (glibc/uClibc...) and versions. crosstool-NG also features debugging utilities (DUMA, strace...) and generation tools (sstrip...).
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2011-11-21 05:44

Building the ncurses library has been fixed. Extracting the cloog library has been fixed. The 'prescott' CPU is now recognized as an i686.
Tags: Major bugfixes

2011-09-26 02:51

Due to being down, an alternate download location has been added to retrieve the Linux kernel. Due to the binutils release renaming, the binutils versions have been fixed. The gdb versions renaming is now complete (it lacked the patches directories renaming). A known issue about make 3.82, and a workaround, have been added to the list of known issues.
Tags: minor bugfix

2011-09-12 02:03

The gdb versions strings have been fixed. Using a sysroot prefix directory has been fixed.
Tags: Major bugfixes

2011-08-26 20:13

Some portability fixes have been applied (gdb, uClibc, libelf, ltrace, and the installed config script). More autostuff compatibility has been added to ./configure. Use of CTOR/DTOR is now enforced in the uClibc configuration.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2011-05-19 10:42

Companion libraries are now properly selected with GCC 4.4.6 (the default value).
Tags: Minor bugfixes

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