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Ctalk adds classes, methods, operator overloading, inheritance, and complex object expressions to otherwise standard C programs. Programs can use only a few Ctalk objects and methods in an otherwise standard C program, but the language can be used to write entire programs also. Ctalk works on most if not all of the systems that support GCC, the GNU C compiler. The package includes the language, class and run-time libraries, example programs, tutorial, and language reference.

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2010-12-05 02:13

This release adds support for using C structs in expressions, and additional support for overloading C operators. This is the final 0.0.96a release.

2010-06-28 05:21
0.0.96a 20100627

This release adds basic regular expression pattern matching to the String class, and automatic code generation that translates C variables and constants to Ctalk object method return values.

2010-06-07 08:49
0.0.96a 20100606

This release adds support for simple C variables, receivers, and method parameters in expressions used as receivers. This allows programs to transparently overload C math operators when used in Ctalk expressions. This release also adds automatic code and object generation in methods that return simple values like constants and receiver objects.

2010-05-17 11:06
0.0.96a 20100516

This release adds fast string search capabilities and support for simple expressions used as receivers.

2010-04-15 07:29
0.0.96a 20100414

This release contains updated versions of the addressOf and deref methods, and internal improvements that provide better handling of complex expressions used as arguments to C stdarg functions like printf and scanf, as well as better handling of object persistence in complex expressions that contain multiple method messages.

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