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Xataface is a flexible and shapable skin that sits on top of MySQL, making it accessible to every-day users. It automatically generates the appropriate forms, lists, and menus for a user to interact with the database without having to know any SQL. It is a full-featured Web application framework, and gives developers the flexibility to customize the features and behavior of their application via configuration files (using the simple INI-file syntax), templates, and plug-ins. A generic application with no customizations is completely functional, but the developer is free to customize things at his leisure.
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2012-03-01 10:55

Some E_STRICT warnings in the installer were fixed.

2012-02-24 07:22

This version includes several months worth of bugfixes over the previous release (1.3rc6). It is a snapshot of the SVN 1.3.x branch (revision 3340).

2011-08-07 16:41

A bug was fixed that could cause a possible loss of precision when editing float fields if the server LC_NUMERIC locale uses commas for decimal points.

2011-08-04 15:41

A critical security vulnerability with the -lang directive was fixed.

2011-07-22 06:03

This release fixes a number of PHP 5.3 strict standards warnings, cleans up the Find form so that fields are no longer pushed to the bottom of the page, and fixes an issue with Session IP checking that caused legitimate users to get locked out if they moved to a different IP address. There are a number of other minor bugfixes.

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