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Deliantra is an advancement of the crossfire multi-user RPG game. Unlike the original project, it focuses mainly on stability and playability, but also adds modern technology such as map scripting, Perl server extensions, asynchronous I/O, higher resolution graphics, and better client support.

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2010-06-01 07:14

The transport routes have been rearranged completely. A scripted gravedigger has been added to Navar. A player-made rat house quest and Wassar city have been added. The mining skill has been added, and the jeweler skill rebalanced. Singing skill was fixed a bit. The "ranged" item concept has been fixed for a more deterministic player experience. There are many huge and small balancing changes.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Major feature enhancements

2010-02-27 04:08

A data corruption bug in the map code has been fixed. The safe perl compartment is disabled by default for map code, and it has been extended to provide loop constructs. Poison traps in doors work again. Map swapout under high load has been fixed to still swap out some maps. The mail box code has been improved to not block the server.
Tags: Feature Enhancements, Major bugfixes

2009-12-27 02:33

Memory corruption in the destruction spell was fixed. Some issues with the login of players were fixed. Some warrior archetype names were fixed. The wizpass command no longer makes the wizard non-blocking.
Tags: minor bugfix

2009-12-02 05:08

Item number and volume limits are now enforced when a player drops something. The gorokh_final maps from Crossfire have been applied. All permanent stat potions
have been replaced by random ones. Diseases could sometimes lead to half-dead Zombie monsters. Shop specialization calculations have been fixed. Magic
mapping has been fixed. Map handling has been optimized. Unrecognized cfpod directives could
cause undefined behavior. Boes' marble shop has been added to Steinwandstadt. Contributed lock/unlock commands have been added.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Major feature enhancements

2009-11-12 22:12

Licensing issues have been cleared up: the modifications done by the Deliantra development team are under Affero GPL. Many maps and archetypes have been ported from the cfextended and crossfire projects. Many more buildable marble floors were added. Doors/containers can now use match expressions for the slaying field. An issue where map tags did not properly handle the database, causing memory corruption on reload was fixed. This release also fixed and improved many plurals in the archetypes.
Tags: license change, Major feature enhancements

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