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DGen/SDL is an emulator for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive systems. The latest version supports save states, interlace mode, Game Genie, Linux joystick support, compressed ROM images, and other nice features.

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2013-02-11 02:00

Many debugger-related enhancements and bugfixes (stepping over multiple instructions, instructions tracing, registers and memory can now be modified, and breakpoints finally fixed). VDP enhancements (interrupts, planes switching, 2-cell vertical column scrolling, sprites boxing, sprites priority, collision, and overflow). ARM-specific CPU cores (Cyclone 68000 and DrZ80, which are much faster on the Raspberry Pi). MJazz has been implemented, and joystick/joypad/keyboard bindings have been completely reworked.
Tags: Stable

2012-11-19 04:23

Improvements: VDP (sprite masking and half-submitted commands, fixing many games), joystick handling, and ROM region (auto) selection. New features: FM2612 debugging and the ability to bind arbitrary commands to joystick buttons.
Tags: Stable

2012-03-12 03:11

M68K debugger support, screen initialization refactoring, prompt support (with commands and interactive configuration), improved ZIP archives support, international (non-US) keyboards support, scale2x filters, and other UI-related changes. Windows (W32 and W64) binaries are now also available.
Tags: Stable

2012-01-30 09:18

This release reduces CPU usage, fixes OpenGL regressions from version 1.28, improves memory handling routines (this allows more games to run), includes hqx filters, improves fonts handling, and adds miscellaneous bugfixes.
Tags: Stable

2011-11-19 03:34

This release adds emulation improvements (YM2612, SN76496, CZ80), a new optional dependency on libarchive to manage compressed ROMs, saved files compatible with the Gens v5 format, console regions which can be set with a commandline option, and OpenGL, sound buffer management, and various other enhancements/bugfixes.
Tags: Stable

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