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di is a disk information utility that displays everything that df does and more. It features the ability to display your disk usage in whatever format you prefer. It also checks the user and group quotas, so that the user sees the space available for their use, not the system wide disk space. It is designed to be highly portable across many platforms and is great for heterogenous networks.

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2013-01-21 13:59

This release changes canonicalization of device names to only be done if the device name has a trailing UUID. Some code cleanup was done to fix clang warnings and to enable compilation on Xenix.

2012-11-16 07:21

This release reworks the handling of quota data as quota information was losing precision. Support for Dragonfly BSD's vquotactl() has been added.
Tags: minor update

2012-10-22 09:31

This release adds support for the new quota API released in NetBSD 6.0. The build has been fixed for AIX 7.
Tags: Minor Release

2011-11-21 10:00

Filesystems that would return a 'Permission Denied'
no longer generate an error message and are no longer displayed, even with the -a option. Bugfixes include fixing the totals for pooled (zfs) filesystems when the main pool is not mounted and a rare divide by 0 condition.

2011-10-10 03:46

Support for long commandline options was added to this release.
Tags: Minor Enhancements

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