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DIY Zoning is a set of tools and instructions for controlling a state-of-the-art HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. It covers airflow balancing, temperature control and zoning, energy conservation measures, remote access, 1-wire devices, and home automation.
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2012-01-28 07:50

Numerous code and documentation bugfixes. An HTTP connector has been added, allowing you to control the home climate from anywhere via the Webapp and Android application.
Tags: Stable Release, Major feature enhancements, Maintenance Release

2011-03-12 15:38

A "Yesterday" bug was fixed. JMX instrumentation was significantly improved. The system can now be configured without restarts.
Tags: Maintenance Release

2010-08-25 19:22

The Cold Start bug was fixed. XBee device handling upon late arrivals was improved.
Tags: Maintenance Release

2010-08-17 14:23

Many objects' reflections in JMX are now less cryptic and more usable. XBeeDeviceFactory now properly reflects in JMX. XBee deices not present at startup will now be discovered as they arrive. XBee sensors departing will be discovered within a specified timeout and corrective action will be taken.
Tags: Maintenance

2010-08-06 17:31

XBee ZB hardware can now be used to read analog sensors.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

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