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EGroupware is a Web-based groupware suite. It contains many modules, including Calendar (personal calendar and group scheduling, notifications and alarms), Mail (IMAP only), InfoLog (todos, notes, and phone calls linked to contacts/CRM), Contacts (an address book for storing and sharing contact information), ProjectManager, Tracker (bug or incident tracking), TimeSheet, SyncML, CalDAV & CardDAV support, and SiteMgr content management

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2008-04-15 22:13 Back to release list

Everyone should update as soon as possible. The update includes all previous 1.4 updates, and requires no schema update (if you upgrade within the 1.4 release). The fixed security problems are grave if you have directories writable by the Web server in your document root (in most Windows servers, the complete docroot is writable by default, but many Linux servers are also set up that way). Please note: as FCK contains many static Javascript and CSS files, you and your users might have to delete the browser cache after the update.
Tags: Major security fixes

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