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ELOG Electronic Web Logbook is an electronic logbook with a Web interface. It can be used to maintain personal or shared logbooks, with the ability to add attachments to logbook pages. Logbook entries can be categorized with user-defined classes, and queried using filters on these classes. Automatic email notifications can be generated on new entries based on the classes. The ELOG server is a small stand-alone C program, which runs under Linux and Windows. No other packages are required. The logbooks are saved in plain ASCII files for easy and fast access.
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2012-02-21 08:20

A problem with recent browsers (FireFox 10, Chrome 17, etc.) and SSL has been fixed. Various other small bugfixes.

2011-03-09 18:54

Site authentication via Kerberos has been implemented. Various other smaller new features and bug fixes have been implemented.
Tags: Major feature improvements

2010-12-23 23:03

Several minor new features and bug fixes were collected over the last five months.

2010-08-02 20:57

This is an important security update. Strong encryption is now used for passwords. Anyone who cares about security is advised to update to this version. Existing password files for Windows users and Linux users that are not using HAVE_CRYPT are automatically converted. Those installations which used HAVE_CRYPT in the past under Linux have to ask their users to re-enter their password (via the "Forgot password" link) after upgrading to this version.
Tags: Major security enhancements

2009-12-09 18:56

A few new features were implemented, and some bugs collected over the last few months were fixed.
Tags: Minor improvements and bug fixes

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