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Empire is a game that is played against human opponents over a computer network. It is possible for a game to last from a few hours to many months. While the common goal of an Empire player is to win, there is no clear-cut definition of what winning is. Players may seek to achieve whatever goals they want to achieve.
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2012-07-28 07:33

This release fixes "navigate" and "march" so they don't wipe out concurrent updates, fixes buffer overruns in fairland, makes server shutdown wait for player threads to reach a safe state, fixes various stack smashes, and adds various tweaks to gaming rules.
Tags: Stable, security fixes, Bugfixes

2012-03-21 06:38

This release plugs a few minor memory and file descriptor leaks. Code cleanup. Info page and manual page fixes. Gameplay fixes.
Tags: Stable, Code cleanup, Minor Enhancements

2011-10-08 07:45

Numerous bugfixes.
Tags: Stable, Wolfpack, Bugfixes

2008-07-06 15:02

Potential buffer overruns were fixed. Potential
leakage of PRNG seed was fixed. Numerous minor
bugs were fixed. Documentation updates were done.
Tags: Minor security fixes, Server

2008-01-13 08:51

Numerous major bugs were fixed.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Server

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