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Enable Viacam (eViacam) is a mouse replacement software that moves the pointer as you move your head. It works on standard PCs equipped with a Web camera. No additional hardware is required. It is based on the award winning Facial Mouse software.

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2011-01-22 06:47

This release adds a Hebrew translation and updates the Italian translation. It has code refactoring and cleanup. It fixes a memory leak when opening help, a bug that froze capture on Debian Lenny when reading keyboard status, a broken link in Catalan help, a compilation error on 64-bit platforms, and a bug that asked for confirmation on close twice.

2010-12-22 07:21

This release adds wxWidgets message catalog files for Windows. It adds wx2.6-i18n | wx2.8-i18n as recommended dependencies on Debian/control. Updated translations: Galego, German, and French. Documentation translations to Galego and German have been added. Bug 3095560 (eViacam doesn't start under Ubuntu 10.10) has been closed.
Tags: Stable

2010-11-24 23:06

A new capture layer for Linux platforms and a camera controls dialog were added. A configuration wizard was added. Documentation was added. A new assisted pointer speed calibration method was added. A new gesture based click generation method was added (for Linux). Visual feedback during pointer actions was added (for Linux). Problems were fixed in which some Web cameras were not working properly under Linux, too many cameras were listed, and a segmentation fault would occur with opencv 2.1. A better camera layer was added. Click countdown is now shown.
Tags: Stable

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