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Expresso Framework is an open standards-based J2EE architectural framework that allows the developer to concentrate on application logic. It is a library of extensible Java Server application framework components for creating database-driven Web applications based on open standards. Expresso integrates with Apache Jakarta Struts, which emphasizes presentation and application configuration, and bringing a powerful tag library to Expresso. Expresso adds capabilities for security, robust object-relational mapping, background job handling and scheduling, self-tests, logging integration, automated table manipulation, database connection pooling, email connectivity, event notification, error handling, caching, internationalization, XML automation, testing, registration objects, configuration management, workflow, automatic database maintenance, and a JSP tag library.
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2004-05-26 22:39 Back to release list

This release includes 60 new features, many
feature improvements, package updates, bugfixes,
as well as significant JavaDoc and documentation
updates. New features include Struts 1.1
integration, JSTL integration, a component
manager, enhanced Junit integration, an updated
log manager, a refactored login and registration
controller, an enhanced BLOB capability, job
scheduling improvements, and much more. The
DataObject API is now an interface for data
persistence that DBObject implements.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

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