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The FormattedDataSet API is an easy way to
generate dynamic text (HTML, XML, WML, JavaScript,
etc.). It combines data and formatting to generate
the dynamic text. Templates contain formatting.
Out of the box, it can generate all common HTML
elements (table, list box, drop down list box,
multi-select list box, etc.) and XML. Developers
can easily create their own templates.

System Requirements

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2005-04-04 00:58

The ArrayConverter class has been added to the FormattedDataSet API. Among other things, this class is great for formatting arrays (Object[][]) for display in a Web browser. For example, it can make numbers comma delimited or format dates in a locale-specific manner. However, it is more general than that, and can covert any cell of an array into any Object in a simple declaritive manner.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2005-01-08 21:12

ArraySQL allows a Java developer to query
2-dimensional Object arrays (Object[][]) in an
SQL-like manner. Improvements have been made in
syntax error checking, and a few bug fixes have
been made. ArraySQL is easy to use.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2004-09-26 22:11

The ArraySQL class was added for querying 2
dimensional arrays. ArraySQL allows SQL like synax
to be applied to arrays. For example, "select
fname, lname, salary from array where
lname='jones' order by lname asc, fname asc".
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2004-06-26 07:02

This version adds a class for querying a two dimensional array as a data table.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2003-12-08 13:04

A servlet filter, which tracks performance and hit counts for Web resources, has been added.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

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