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Fingerprint GUI is a set of GUI tools for the use of fingerprint scanners on Linux systems. It enables the recording and checking of fingerprints of users and allows login and authentication of users by their fingerprint through its PAM module. An additional "fingerprintIdentifier" application can be used for customized (shell) scripts when users have to be identified or authenticated by their fingerprints. The system is based on device drivers from the "libfprint" project.

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2015-07-27 11:03
Review by kkumax

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CentOS6.6 Upek Biometric Touchchip/Touchstrip Fingerprint Sensor この環境で最新の1.07を試しましたが1.06では動作していたSettingタブでの動作確認でフリーズしてしまいます。

2013-08-31 08:49
Review by Anonymous

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CentOS6.4でBus 002 Device 003: ID 147e:2016 Upek Biometric Touchchip/Touchstrip Fingerprint Sensorを動作させる事ができました。
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