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fli4l is a single-floppy Linux-based ISDN/DSL/ethernet-router. It features configuration with some simple ASCII-files, several possible connection-flavors (in/out/callback, and raw IP/PPP), channel bundling (an extra channel can be added through a Windows/Unix-client), configuration of multiple networks, least-cost routing, automatic choice of provider, display/calculation of connection times and costs, and a Windows/Unix client to control dial/hangup, monitor traffic and monitor incoming calls on ISDN (see screenshot).
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2006-12-26 03:57 Back to release list

This is a pure bugfix release. Most prominently, this fixes the recent madwifi driver vulnerabilities, so users who are using their router with Atheros hardware in managed mode should update as soon as possible. Many binaries were updated to newer versions in this release. There were some minor fixes and improvements in the OpenVPN and HTTPD packages. The variable DNS_TRIGGER_DIAL_IN is now obsolete.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Stable

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