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Font Manager is a font management application for the GNOME desktop. It is not intended to be a professional-grade font management solution, but rather a simple application suitable for the needs of most desktop users and even some graphics designers who may need to manage just a few thousand font files. Although designed with the GNOME desktop environment in mind, it should work well with most major desktop environments such as XFCE, Enlightenment, and KDE.

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2010-12-23 20:34

Several bugfixes and several improvements.

2010-08-09 12:07

Several bugfixes. Some improvements.

2010-06-29 14:15

New features and several bugfixes.

2010-05-31 14:22

Several interface improvements were made. A few new options were added. Quite a few bugs were fixed.

2010-05-05 16:44

This is a major update, almost a complete rewrite. Not much has changed as far as the user interface goes, but under the hood almost everything is new and should hopefully make it easier to maintain and extend Font Manager. The applications private directories now follow the XDG specifications, which not only helps keep user home directories cleaner but also makes it easier when doing backups. Old files should automatically be migrated to the new structure, although you should still have a recent backup of your fonts.

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