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FooBillard++ is a 3D billiard game for Linux. It is based on the original foobillard 3.0a source from Florian Berger. This version fixes bugs and adds new options, graphics, and features. A special version is available for the Touch-PC WeTab.
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2011-09-14 23:36

This release adds new textures, rooms, walls, furniture, and bugfixes.

2011-08-16 10:49

This release added a Tron playfield, glass balls, network games, a birds eye view with cue-moving, more menu help, UTF-8 support, rewritten code, bug fixes, on-screen controls, anti-aliasing, better detection of lost balls, and more graphics, sounds, textures, and options. All games have a tournament mode. Snooker now shows the correct balls to play. Fonts were replaced. Game Start, Tournament, and Menu were corrected.

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