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Freedup finds and eliminates duplicate files by linking them, and thus reduces the amount of used disk space within one or more file systems. By default, hardlinks are used on a single device, symbolic links when the devices differ. A set of options allows you to modify the methods of file comparison, the hash functions, the linking behavior, and the reporting style. You may use batch or interactive mode. Freedup usually only considers identical files, but when comparing audio or graphics files, you may elect to ignore the tags.

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2011-02-03 12:04

CTRL-C is now caught to free all the duplicates discovered so far. Several changes improve platform portability, e.g. for Apple Mac Version 10.6.0 i386, where freedup was tested and works fine. Filesystem errors (e.g. in /sys) are now caught and warnings are printed instead of assertions. Several other bugfixes and contributions were applied, e.g. one to fix a memory allocation bug. A new minor tool called symharden was added to convert softlinks into hardlinks wherever possible.
Tags: enhanced stability and portability

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