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Freesteam is a library that allows you to calculate water and steam properties using the industry-standard IAPWS-IF97 steam tables. It is a library of C++ classes which can be integrated into your code. Plug-ins to allow freesteam to be integrated with spreadsheets and other applications are under development. The included unit tests assure compliance with published property values. IAPWS-95 (scientific use) correlations are also included and used as part of this validation.
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2010-01-24 21:25

This release is a complete rewrite of freesteam in plain C. The two-way solver now makes use of GSL, instead of being standalone. There are new APIs for C, Python, and ASCEND. The code extends the use of "reverse" equations e.g. for (p,h). The correlations have been updated, where applicable, to revised IAPWS-IF97 release documents. New code for generation of (p,h) and other diagrams is included. This release includes packaging metafiles for generation of .debs for Ubuntu. The SONAME of is now ".1.0" due to the new API.

2007-10-15 08:54

Since the last release was noted on Freshmeat,
some errors in the thermal conductivity
correlation have been identified and fixed. The
test suite has been updated to ensure that the
correct values are output. Some improvements to
support on the Windows platform have been
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2007-01-17 17:02

The conversion ratio between psi and bar was
corrected. Minor enhancements were made to the
interface for the ASCEND modelling environment.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2006-07-07 15:08

This release adds the ability to access steam
properties from Python and
experimental support for the ASCEND modeling
environment. It compiles
under Linux and MinGW (Windows). This is the first
version to use the
"SCons" build tool. A memory leak in version 0.5.5
has been fixed.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2005-12-13 06:26

A minor error in the IAPWS-95 correlation equations was fixed along with a compilation problem with GCC 4.0.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

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