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gnoduino is an implementation of the well-known Arduino IDE for GNOME. The original Arduino IDE software is written in Java. This is a Python implementation and it is targeted at GNOME. Its purpose is to be light, while maintaining compatibility with the original Arduino IDE. The source editor is based on gtksourceview.
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2011-08-16 06:35

This release adds support for Arduino Reference (Arduino API documentation). It fixes the verbose build flag setting and show proper info in the console.
It fixes serial port detection when uploading the bootloader. It adds an autoindent option to the editor. Arduino Uno is the default board. Loading console size at startup has been fixed. This release will keep showing compiling info on uploads. It prevents console resizing when the main window is resized. It fixes "Save As" behavior. It updates the default window size.

2011-07-18 19:59

An option to show line numbers was added. A schema file was added. Support was added for options on the command line. Desktop and man files were added. An error when a serial port is missing was fixed. The serial init sequence was reworked and serial errors are handled better. Syntax highlighting like that in arduino was added. cflags to library objects are correctly parsed and error reporting was improved. The arduino libraries are searched for in standard paths. Standard libraries are shipped. Compilation errors are properly reported. The text editing functions were made to work. The arduino fonts and preferences file are supported. Console fonts can be changed.

2010-12-29 00:29

Support was added for ttyACM* devices. The default serial port configuration is 9600,8N1 now. Burning of bootloader was fixed and support for extended fuse was added. Support was added for user-specified library paths. The hardware target was synced with the Arduino 0022 release. Support for undo/redo actions was added. Port, baudrate, and board options are handled properly. Control characters are escaped in the serial console. The program no longer crashes if a serial port cannot be opened. Wrong UTF-8 encoding in files is ignored.

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