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gnokii is a multisystem tool suite for mobile phones. It provides a library to communicate with a phone hiding the communication protocol. The library handles SMS, phonebook, calendar, phone calls, and other mobile phone capabilities. It supports Nokia-FBUS mobiles, AT-capable phones (most of the mobiles), as well as Symbian-based phones.
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2011-12-03 06:57

The ability to change the phone driver in runtime. Fixes to make it possible to resend the message without modifications to gn_sms structure. Improvements to vcard handling. Improved handling of calendar, notes, and todo for Series40 3rd Ed and later. Improved Samsung support. Avoids multiple overruns and segfaults.

2011-01-24 04:05

A new phonet driver that is compatible with phonet (2.6.28) and cdc_phonet (2.6.30) Linux kernel drivers (replacement for the dku2libusb connection type). Enhancements in handling and discovering series40 3rd+ edition phones. Numerous bugfixes in libgnokii, including important fixes to SMS handling. Fixes for Windows builds. An SQLite3 backend for smsd.
Tags: Stable

2010-04-23 20:36

Major bugs were fixed in the encoding engine. Fixes were made in SMS encoding, including concatenated messages. Support was improved for the Nokia Series40 phonebook and calendar. The default location of the configuration file was changed.

2009-09-08 02:39

Tons of bugfixes and updates. The most important include SMS and encoding handling functions. This release is also better with Series40 3rd+ Edition support. SMSD has gained stability improvements. There were also portability fixes: gnokii should now compile just fine (again) on most platforms. There is Bluetooth support for FreeBSD. There is experimental support for MMS reading for Nokia Series40.

2008-10-06 16:58

Some portability problems were fixed for Win32,
Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Linux. Support for Inbox
SMS reading was improved for Series40 3rd+
edition. New memory types are supported: Status
Reports, Drafts, and Outbox with items not yet
sent. Conversion functions for vCards were
improved. Bluetooth channel autodetection was
implemented. Call divert support was improved.
Hardcoded limits have started to be replaced with
dynamic allocation. Support for Sagems, Samsungs,
and Sony-Ericssons was improved. Various potential
and real overflows and other bugs were fixed.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

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