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Gnumeric is a powerful and easy to use spreadsheet using GNOME. Its goal is to provide a full featured spreadsheet and a smooth migration path for people and organizations currently using proprietary applications. It provides more sheet functions and greatly improved accuracy when compared to Microsoft's Excel. A plugin system lets you extend Gnumeric, adding functions, I/O formats, and real time data capabilities. The existing Python, Guile, and Perl plugins let you define complex functions. Gnumeric is capable of reading and writing MS Excel (XLS and Office Open XML), and reading Lotus, Applix, Quattro Pro, OpenCalc (ODF), XBase, DIF, SYLK, HTML, Psion, MPS, oleo, sc, misc. text formats, and its native XML. It can also generate Latex, HTML, and others.

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2009-09-14 01:08 Back to release list

Saves and loads text formatting of comments and sheet object labels. Improvements to the ODF exporter, ODF importer, and XLSX exporter. Closer to a turnkey Win32 build. fn-lookup caches are pruned in case someone is being silly. Respects the sheet size prefs for new blank workbooks. Caches large ranges, possibly sorted.
Makes it possible to have horizontal widgets too.
Fixes a sheet-object paste crash, a critical error in the format dialog, date conventions in graphs, and R1C1 issues. The GUI for date/time axes is improved. ssconvert has been extended to also merge multiple sheets.
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