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Gujin is a PC boot loader that can analyze your partitions and filesystems. It finds the Linux kernel images available, as well as other bootable partitions (for *BSD, MS-DOS, Windows, etc.), files (*.kgz) and bootable disk images (*.bdi), and displays a graphical menu for selecting which system to boot. It boots the Linux kernel using the documented interface, like LILO and GRUB, so it doesn't need any other pre-installed bootloader. It can also directly load gzipped ELF32 or ELF64 files, with a simple interface to collect real-mode BIOS data. There is no need to execute anything after making a new kernel: just copy the kernel image file into the "/boot" directory, with a standard name. Gujin is written almost entirely in C with GCC, and it fully executes in real mode to be as compatible as possible.
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2013-01-10 15:53

This release improved the German translation, fixed problems with installing on OpenSuSE, improved detection of partition labels for filling the /boot/gujin.cmd file, and fixed a problem with generating the package on new Ubuntu versions.
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2012-02-09 08:05

This release fixes a lot of bugs, like installing the bootloader and loading a Linux kernel on a highly fragmented ext2 filesystem (Fedora default /boot partition), probes files in a FAT /boot directory even if the size of this directory is null (now the standard), better handles the case of partitions without labels, and works better in VirtualBox. Gujin can now also load kernels on filesystems made with a different sector size than the underlying device allows, for instance having a 512 bytes/sector superfloppy written on a CDROM/DVDRAM with 2048 bytes/sectors.

2011-06-30 09:59

This release fixed a problem where Shift-F1 was not editing the Linux command line like Shift-F2..F12. A VirtualBox bug is now detected to disable VESA linear graphics. GCC 4.6 compilation fixes were added. A problem with the HP Compaq 8000 Elite BIOS was corrected. A file named is provided as an example to patch the init scripts of a Linux live CD to get it to boot from the live CD image file using Gujin.

2010-12-09 07:55

This version fixes bugs and regressions, removes the hard-coded sector size of disks (manages disks with 4096 bytes per logical sectors), improves booting live CDs stored on the hard disk as file images, and improves the "tiny" bootloaders for quick booting of simple configurations (like a PC with a single Linux distribution on an ext4 filesystem, or a live CD-ROM based on Gujin's own El-Torito bootloader).

2010-06-17 07:30

This version fixes a lot of bugs, allows you to review/edit the final command line by pressing Shift when selecting a kernel, recognizes the Rock Ridge extension on ISO9660 (filenames), and can boot more unmodified live CD-ROM images stored in the /boot directory (tested with NimbleX, sidux, Elive, Ubuntu, eeebuntu, and Linux Mint) with the help of a simple file named "gujin.cmd".

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