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hamfax is a QT/X11 application for sending and receiving amateur radio facsimiles. Supported interfaces between computer and transceiver are a sound card and the SCS-PTC.
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2011-07-30 13:02

This release fixed checkable entries in the options menu, hamlib parameter handling, and hamlib usage by setting PTT for ALSA and not opening hamlib in the receive path.

2011-07-28 05:55

This release uses Qt4 instead of Qt3. It saves and restores the window size and state. It updates the ALSA implementation, which now works with PulseAudio. There are small fixes.

2011-07-12 06:01
hamfax 0.7

French translation from Jean-michel Déchamps. ALSA support (patch from Mike Nix). hamlib support (patch from Remi Chateauneu). updated spectrum analyzer (input from Jean-michel Déchamps). man page from Debian package. Fixes from Andrea Montefusco for interoperation with oss2jack. Fix overflow bug in LookUpTable. Display translations also in Qt file dialogs. Name change to lowercase "hamfax".

2011-07-12 06:01

A French translation. ALSA support. hamlib support. An updated spectrum analyzer. A man page from Debian package. Fixes for interoperation with oss2jack. A fix for an overflow bug in LookUpTable. Translations are also displayed in Qt file dialogs. There is a name change to lowercase "hamfax".

2011-06-18 16:15

A hamfax.desktop desktop menu entry file was included. Build problems with newer GCC versions were fixed. DocBook is now used for documentation.

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