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My Handy Restaurant is software created to help restaurant waiters and managers in their job. Waiters can choose a restaurant table, assign orders to it and have them automatically printed on printers. "Normal" dishes can also be modified, by adding or removing ingredients. Bills can be printed automatically, even for separated bills. The accounting section allows a restaurant manager to easily administrate the whole accounting (bank accounts, employees, suppliers, income) in an easy way. Stock management is also available, and items quantity is automatically updated. The interface is handheld-sized and is written to be compatible with most handheld browsers.
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2005-01-31 15:53

This release adds a stock management system, optimization of the
administration section (it's faster and more usable), a new online help
system, a new "fast order" form, many other minor changes, and some
minor bugfixes.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2004-12-09 16:20

Many optimizations were made thanks to a SQL code improvement and a new internal caching system. Indonesian and Romanian translations were added. New features made the admin zone more usable. The waiters zone now has keyboard shortcuts and displays the time elapsed since printing to track customer waiting times. There were also many bugfixes.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2004-09-15 19:42

User authentication has been added with user zones (8 access zones!), encrypted passwords, and user-based template selection. The administration interface usability has been improved with search functions, table "slicing", easy ingredients selection, and many other bits. Non-western charsets are now supported, and Russian and Spanish translations have been added. A database restoration tool has been included to help with easy recovery after accidents. There are many other improvements and minor bugfixes.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2004-08-20 16:39

The release fixes some minor bugs with Javascript and error handling and
reporting. It adds a new letters block to avoid the categories interface
when adding new orders and a currency selector to use any currency.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2004-07-27 20:51

This release completes the recoding of the waiters' sections and corrects some minor bugs. The main features added are the toplist box, the last modified order row, the stock functions, and the takeaway functions. The takeaway interface has been reviewed and is now more usable and fast. The system is quite stable and reliable, although this is a beta release.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

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