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htop is an interactive process viewer for Linux. It aims to be a 'better top': you can scroll the process list vertically and horizontally, and select a process to be killed with the arrow keys instead of by typing its process id.
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2012-02-17 07:55

This is mainly a bugfix release. It fixes the behavior of mouse selection and occasional crashes. Configuration now uses an XDG-compliant path.

2011-11-22 00:30

This release features four-column CPU meters, incremental filtering, UTF-8 tree drawing, performance improvements, and assorted bugfixes.

2010-11-28 07:18

This release features the ability to expand and collapse subtrees using the "+" and "-" keys, support for steal/guest CPU time measurement for virtualized environments, the ability to show custom thread names, support for cgroups, and assorted bug fixes.

2009-06-23 23:55

This release features stability fixes.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2009-06-02 17:38

This release includes integration with lsof to list files opened by a process, a hostname header entry, improvements to the battery meter, and a number of bugfixes.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

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