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Interleave is a Web-enabled business process automation application. It enables you to model your business process like purchasing, project management, and contract management and make it available online. It's meant to replace processes which currently rely on paper, email, or spreadsheets and it has a very good workflow engine. You can create invoices, export to RTF and PDF based on templates, export to MS Excel, interpret incoming email, and publish your data to the Web.
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2011-12-13 07:37

Extra fields for users and groups were added, enabling you to set permissions on all tables based on values in these extra fields. The extended-privileges functionality was too slow, so it has been improved and is now a lot faster. The option to send email when a non-admin account adds a user account has been added; new users can be automatically notified of their account information. Most bugs were fixed, and some performance improvements were made. The layout was updated and many classes and IDs were added to make it easier to adjust the layout of Interleave.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Major feature enhancements

2011-07-18 20:09

This version introduces iCal calendaring. Admins can create and design calendars that can be used by users online, using their smartphone or directly from their email or calendering client. Also, a lot of performance improvements were implemented and date/time support in one field was added. A user can now be given the option to enable or disable triggers resulting in email messages, giving them more control of their inbox. And as always, all important bugs were fixed.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2011-02-27 22:34 2011028

This version now only uses UTF8. The database will be converted during upgrade. This fixes a lot of encoding issues. Next to that, autocomplete for all text fields was added, the Excel spreadsheet routine was completely redesigned and rebuilt, and flextables got a lot more new options. A nice import routine was added, which can take care of imports and bulk updates on any table. All known bugs were fixed and more than a hundred community feature requests were implemented.

2010-12-22 22:23 20101221

This release introduces the possibility to edit fields right in the main list. Business rules triggered by your change are automatically executed and changes will be reflected in the list in real time. All lists got a makeover and look better. Sorting and filtering can now be performed on all fields. All flextable fields can now be shown in the main entity list and thanks to HTML5 it's finally possible to upload several files at once. The search routines now also support Google-style searching (logical AND/NOT). Some security issues were resolved and all known bugs were fixed.
Tags: Lay-out improvements, Performance improvements, Major bugfixes, Major feature enhancements

2010-06-08 21:46
5.4.2 20100602

This release adds support for MS Excel 2007, MS Word 2007, and all OpenOffice file formats as template source. The date selector was replaced by a more user friendly method. All known bugs were fixed. This is a maintenance release; a lot of code was rewritten. Interleave's output is now XHTML strict.
Tags: stable major

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