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iPfaces is a framework for simple creation of native, form-oriented network applications for mobile devices. The aim of the solution is to screen the programmer completely out from the mobile platform itself, and transfer the entire application logic to the central application server level. Developers with experience with one of the supported Web technologies (ASP.Net, Java, and PHP) may start working with iPFaces virtually immediately.

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2010-03-15 22:26
Mobile Java Client 1.1 beta

This is a beta version of the iPFaces client application for all the devices with support for Mobile Java (J2ME/midlets). Although the feature list is quite limited compared to iPhone or BlackBerry, it is usable on a wide range of cellphones and other mobile devices.
Tags: Beta, Client, midlet, J2ME, ipfaces, mobile framework

2010-02-25 19:33

This version is compatible with the iPod Touch and also runs on the iPad in compatibility mode.

2010-01-26 23:54

Graphics, fonts, and layout styles support was added. HTTPS with limited key size support was added. Server support for PHP technology was added. Stabilization fixes were made.
Tags: GUI major stable, GUI improvement, PHP, Major, Stable

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