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The Issue Dealer is a simple product for managing
(structuring, editing, prioritizing, categorizing)
issues. It is primarily used to manage information
and tasks. It can be used as an issue tracker,
knowledge management tool, or outliner.

System Requirements

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2008-03-23 16:01
0.9.128 (experimental)

Various experimental changes to the layout were made. The first version of the lightweight TTW application framework has been implemented.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Main

2007-11-07 12:42

A method for generating nonces was added. An
experimental search interface was added.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Main

2007-07-15 00:33

A bug where verification of email addresses
wouldn't work was fixed. Small changes to the
WYSIWYG editor were made.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Main

2007-04-26 14:58

Various bugfixes were made, and a minor change was
made to make the Issue Dealer compatible with
future versions of Zope.
Tags: Main

2007-04-05 23:45

Notification of issues past their due date was added. A calendar view displaying events past their due date was added. Some documentation on how to set up notifications was also added.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Main

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