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KDevelop is an integrated development environment which makes the creation and development of applications an easy task even for beginners. Highlights of the current release are: an application wizard for easy creation of KDE 4, Qt4, GNOME, and terminal C/C++ projects, full project management, a syntax-highlighting editor, code completion, an integrated dialog editor for the Qt/KDE GUI libraries, an internal debugger, a full-featured class browser with class tools, CVS and SVN support, an integrated HTML-based help system offering manuals and class-references, and extensive search mechanisms to browse sources and documentation.

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2010-10-10 03:48
4.1 RC1

A Git support plugin and an external script plugin were added. General polishing was done. C++ support improvements were made. Lots of bugs were fixed. The UI was polished. Performance was improved.
Tags: Unstable, 4.1

2010-09-25 04:54
4.1 Beta 3

Various bugfixes for CPP language support and GIT integration, as well as some additional UI polishing.
Tags: unstable 4.1

2010-09-06 07:31
4.1 Beta 1

Various new features including Git support and an External Script plugin. A lot of bugfixes, UI polishing, and performance improvements.
Tags: Unstable, 4.1

2010-09-06 00:27

Bug fixes and small feature improvements were made.

2010-04-18 18:55
4.0 RC3

The 4.0 series is a rewrite from scratch. It has a lot more features than KDevelop3, but currently supports fewer programing languages.

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