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KMyIRC is an attempt to provide an IRC client for
KDE which is high-quality and easy to use, but not
bloated. It was created because it was felt that
the other KDE-based IRC clients were either not
user-friendly or burdened with features that are
not useful to the average IRC user.

System Requirements

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2003-04-22 12:06

Several annoying bugs were fixed and some features were added. A new version of QExtMDI is used to provide a raw IRC message log. Additional IRC server groups and IRC servers were added.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Alpha

2003-02-10 16:31

Userpopup aliases were added. Several bugfixes were made. A German translation was added.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Alpha

2002-10-11 19:43

Several bugs have been fixed, and some minor feature enhancements have
been integrated.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Alpha

2002-09-16 13:12

In this version, several bugs were fixed, and some improvements were made.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Alpha

2002-09-06 14:52

This release adds several new RFC2812 compliant commands and returncodes, and fixes some serious compilation and building bugs.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Alpha

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