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Konversation is a simple and easy-to-use IRC client built on the KDE platform with support for SSL connections, strikeout, multi-channel joins, away/unaway messages, ignore list functionality, full Unicode support, the ability to auto-connect to a server, optional timestamps in chat windows, configurable background colors, and much more.

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2011-12-05 03:17

The dominant theme is improvements and feature additions to the user interface, particularly to text views, dialogs, (context) menus, and input line commands. However, nearly all areas of the application have seen some amount of improvements in this release, as is to be expected given the relatively long release cycle: connection behavior, IRC protocol handling, scripting support, encryption support, and user documentation - new features, polish, and bugfixes are to be found in all of them.
Tags: Major, Stable

2010-07-02 07:53

This is a maintenance release that fixes a data corruption / data loss bug in the Watched Nicknames Online system, improves the handling of manual aborts of automatic reconnection attempts after connection failure and RFC 1459 PING/PONG exchanges, and addresses several user interface flaws.
Tags: Minor, Stable

2010-06-08 16:04

This version adds support for the DCC Whiteboard standard, enabling collaborative drawing. It also brings back integration with KDE's certificate store for SSL connections and expands support for auto-away to non-X11 platforms. Numerous interface tweaks and bugfixes are included as well. The new minimum dependencies are KDE 4.3 and Qt 4.5.
Tags: Major, Stable

2010-02-12 17:35

Support was added for passive DCC chat and amarok:// URLs. A large amount of UI improvements were done to various tabs and dialogs, such as the "Watched Nicknames Online" and "URL Catcher" tabs and the "Join Channel" dialog. Support for the new KDE 4.4+ tray icon API was added. Various bugs were fixed.
Tags: Minor, Stable

2009-11-13 02:18

All open connections and channels can be bookmarked at once as a bookmark folder. Bookmark folders can be opened at once. Support for disconnecting and reconnecting based on changes in network availability (via KDE's Solid) was added. Various bugs were fixed.
Tags: Minor, Stable

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