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LeechCraft is a modular Internet client. It allows you to browse the Web; read RSS/Atom feeds; download files via BitTorrent, FTP, and HTTP; automatically download, play, or stream podcasts (and other media files); and much more.
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2012-01-26 06:55

This is the last RC before the final 0.5.0 release. It includes quite a few fixes, notably: re-enabled Flash support in Poshuku, the Web browser; fixes for many memory leaks in Azoth, the IM client; and a shortcut for the Azoth roster. Also, breaking changes to LackMan, the package manager, have been backported from the master branch, so updating is encouraged.
Tags: Release

2012-01-12 07:26

This is a bugfix release. A couple of rare segfaults were fixed in Aggregator. It fixes the context menu for non-Latin nicks in Azoth. It fixes the AdiumStyles module and its interoperation with Acetamide. It fixes windowing/parenting issues in Kinotify (hopefully, at least).
Tags: Release

2011-12-26 23:16

The list of default news feeds has been updated in Aggregator. Azoth, the IM client, got fixes for drawing group headings and for detection of outgoing messages in MUCs for Adium styles. Ad-hoc commands have been fixed in Azoth Xoox, the XMPP implementation. Pieces-related operations have been optimized in BitTorrent. Core no longer considers LeechCraft's executable name as an argument to handle. Handling of redirects has been fixed in CSTP, so more feeds are downloaded correctly now. Syncing bookmarks in Poshuku OnlineBookmarks has been fixed.
Tags: Release

2011-11-30 07:26

Support for Jabber Search in Azoth Xoox, the XMPP support plugin. Poshuku OnlineBookmarks have been reworked. The Off-The-Record messaging system has been implemented in Azoth, the IM messenger. Poshuku, the Web browser, supports WebGL, and has also migrated to a QGraphicsView-based Web view. Azoth Acetamide now supports SSL connections.
Tags: Milestone

2010-12-06 02:33

Since version 0.3.0, the following notable plugins were added: LackMan, a LeechCraft package manager for easy installation, upgrading, and removal of scripts, extensions, and various additonal data; and the Qrosp plugin for scripting support using the Qross library. Several smaller plugins were added as well. Of course, lots of improvements, bug fixes, and new features were introduced in various plugins. The UI was made easier to understand and use.
Tags: Stable

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