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libextractor is a library used to extract meta-data from files of arbitrary type. It is designed to use helper-libraries to perform the actual extraction, and to be trivially extendable by linking against external extractors for additional file types. The goal is to provide developers of file-sharing networks, file managers, and WWW-indexing bots with a universal library to obtain meta-data about files. It includes a shell-command and bindings for Java (JNI) and Python.

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2012-10-07 06:22

This release fixes plugin discovery on OS X. Nothing has changed on other systems, so there is no need to update from 1.0.0 on non-OS X systems.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Stable

2012-09-26 06:43

Major changes to the plugin mechanism now allow out-of-process plugins full random access to the entire file. Most plugins have been rewritten to the new plugin API. The external (libextractor) API remains unchanged and compatible with 0.6. As part of the rewrite, many plugins were changed to use standard 3rd party libraries (libjpeg, libtiff, libgif, libtidy, and libmagic) for parsing. A new plugin based on gstreamer replaces many existing multimedia plugins. Automated test cases for (almost all) of the plugins were also written, and the documentation was updated.
Tags: Stable, Major feature enhancements

2011-11-29 07:52

This release adds support for Matroska, fixes some minor bugs (leaks on error-handling paths), and does some minor code clean up (fixing compiler warnings about dead code).
Tags: Stable, Minor bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements

2010-06-14 20:23

This release fixes various minor bugs, in particular better handling of malloc failures and more robust handling of malformed inputs in various plugins.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2010-03-14 18:42

This release fixes a problem with LE not finding its plugins under certain conditions. It also fixes an IPC issue under FreeBSD which caused some plugins to not work.

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