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libferris is a virtual filesystem that exposes hierarchical data of all kinds through a common C++ interface. Access to data is performed using C++ IOStreams and metadata is available as key-value pairs through the Extended Attributes (EA) interface. Rich support for filesystem indexing is included to provide timely search results for well into millions of files. Ferris uses a plugin API to handle a large range of data sources, metadata, and index and search strategies. Filesystems include file:// with monitoring, XML (mount an XML file as a filesystem), relational databases, ISAM databases (Berkeley db, tdb, gdbm, eet et al), xmldb, LDAP, Applications (Evolution, Firefox, Emacs), HTTP, FTP, sockets, and RDF (from XML, binary, soprano). EA generators include image, audio, and animation decoders.
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2012-03-06 07:30

A new metadata and fulltext index module using QtSql targeting SQLite by default. Updates to the boostmmap and clucene indexing modules. Updates to statusnet mounting. Udpates for building without GTK2 for modern headless ARM devices. A new --total-files-to-index-per-run option to feaindexadd and findexadd,

2012-02-23 11:09

This release adds support for mounting statusnet servers, both local and identica.

2012-01-31 13:16

Support for mounting,
and initial support for Perl using tie() to generate native looking IO.

2011-11-28 06:54

This release adds initial support for mounting mediawiki, moves to using boost::spirit for parsing instead of PCCTS, and adds a new DOM XPath selector function.

2011-09-14 22:34

This release adds initial support for mounting pulseaudio and write support for the gstreamer filesystem.

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