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libguestfs is a set of tools for accessing and modifying virtual machine (VM) disk images. You can use this for viewing and editing files inside guests, scripting changes to VMs, monitoring disk used/free statistics, P2V, V2V, performing partial backups, cloning VMs, and much more. libguestfs can access nearly any type of filesystem including: all known types of Linux filesystem (ext2/3/4, XFS, btrfs, etc.), any Windows filesystem (VFAT and NTFS), any Mac OS X and BSD filesystems, LVM2 volumes, MBR and GPT disk partitions, raw disks, qcow2, CD and DVD ISO images, SD cards, and dozens more. libguestfs doesn't need root permissions.

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2012-12-15 06:50

This release adds SVirt for secure containment of guests. It supports disk hotplugging and up to 255 disk images at once. New support for: POSIX ACLs, Linux capabilities, Windows dynamic disks, and Lua bindings. Multiple enhancements to virt-sysprep. Supports rsync to synchronize disk images with the host filesystem (both ways). Dozens of bugfixes.
Tags: Stable

2011-10-29 11:46

New virt-alignment-scan, virt-sparsify, and virt-sysprep tools were added. Virt-resize can now resize Ubuntu guests, and fix alignment issues in Windows and Linux guests. 'guestmount --live' works. Systemtap support was added. Virt-cat now supports Windows drive letters and paths. Erlang bindings were added. 18 bugs have been official fixed, and many more unofficially.
Tags: Stable

2011-07-22 05:57

Virt-inspector can now extract OS icons from VMs. Virt-resize can resize guests using btrfs. Guestfish can be used to append to files. Virt-ls supports an easily greppable output format Virt-win-reg supports HKEY_USERS. Java is now a first class supported language. Many incremental improvements throughout the virt tools.
Tags: Stable

2011-04-13 06:34

The --live option allows use with live virtual machines. New tools include: virt-copy-in, virt-copy-out, virt-tar-in, and virt-tar-out. Support for Windows drive letter mappings. virt-resize now works with 32-bit machines. You can use virt-inspector on live CDs. The new event API allows you to capture log message events and more. More support for progress notifications for long-running commands. The Java and Ruby bindings have been improved. Inspection has been improved for Windows guests.
Tags: Stable

2010-12-20 06:13

This major release adds full support for Debian, Ubuntu, and ArchLinux. More tools including "virt-filesystems" for listing out filesystems and partitions. Command line options have been unified across tools. Support has been added for the guest filesystem graphical browser. There are also plenty of new example programs to learn from, and many bugfixes.
Tags: Stable

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