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LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL2 is a set of additional demosaic and noise reduction algorithms for LibRaw. These algorithms include AFD, LMMSE by Manuel Llorens, VCD, modified VCD, AHD+VCD, and two advanced median filters by Paul Lee.

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2013-02-16 10:24

11 new cameras: Canon 6D and EOS M, Casio EX-ZR100, Fujifilm X-E1, Leica D-LUX6 and V-LUX4, Nikon P7700, Olympus XZ-2, Panasonic G5, Samsung EX2F, Sony RX-1. There are new API calls. LibRaw::is_fuji_rotated() returns true for files, and needs a 'fuji_rotate()' call on postprocessing. LibRaw::recycle_datastream() frees the file handle (and associated file buffer) if your application will not call unpack.
Tags: Beta

2012-12-05 07:26

50+ new cameras are supported, including Fuji X-Pro1 and new Sigma/Foveon cameras. The RawSpeed library can be used for raw data decoding (2-3x faster). Many changes in internals; source level compatible with the 0.14 branch.

2012-06-28 10:46

This release supports new cameras: Canon 5D Mark III, G1 X, 1D X, and Powershot SX200, Nikon D4, D800/D800E, and D3200, Fuji X-S1 and HS30EXR, Casio EX-Z8, Olympus E-M5, Panasonic GF5, Sony NEX-F3, SLT-A37, and SLT-A57, and Samsung NX20 and NX210. It also support updated Samsung NX200 firmware.
Tags: Release

2012-04-05 06:01

Casio EX-Z500 support. I/O exceptions handling on file open are caught. A possible read-after-buffer in the Sony ARW2 decoder is fixed. mingw32 errors when compiling LibRaw_windows_datastream are fixed. Makefile.msvc: support for OpenMP and LCMS (uncomment to use). Fixes for decoding of some Leaf Aptus II files.

2011-10-27 06:08

Bugfixes in black level subtraction code for PhaseOne files. A new API call LibRaw::get_internal_data_pointer() for developers who need access to libraw_internal_data fields (i.e. Fuji SuperCCD layout). Doc/API-overview fixes to reflect 0.14 changes.
Tags: Release

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