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GNU libtool is a generic library support script. Libtool hides the complexity of using shared and static libraries behind a consistent, portable interface. Libtool supports building static libraries on all platforms.
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2002-12-15 19:29

Lots of minor bugfixes were made involving libtool's behavior in AIX, OpenBSD, IRIX, and others. The program was also updated to support more recent versions of its dependencies.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Stable

2002-05-19 18:20

Tags: Stable

2001-09-03 09:10

Loading failure error messages from libltdl were improved and memory leaks in libtdl were plugged. Support for OpenBSD was improved. Here-doc files are no longer left behind. Libtool now builds with autoconf-2.50 and higher. Better performance on HP-UX is now obtained by using shl_load as opposed to using dlopen.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Stable

2001-09-03 07:29

This release bootstraps with autoconf-2.50 and automake-1.4-p4. An attempt is
always made to build at least a static library, even if both static and shared
libs were disabled. Full support for C++ compilers and the GNU gcj compiler was
added. libltdl can now load all modules in a given path according to
user-supplied criteria with the `lt_dlforeachfile' call. Support for AIX ia64,
djgpp, HPUX, HURD, OpenBSD, and SCO3.2* was improved. Internal mutex handling
no longer has namespace clashes on NCR MP-RAS. New pdemo and tagdemo tests were
added. Other bugfixes were made.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Alpha

2001-04-27 03:19

This release includes comprehensive support for
interdependent libraries. See the NEWS file for
more details.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Stable

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