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Licq includes all the basic features of ICQ, like sending/receiving messages, chat, file transfer, contact list with pixmaps and user status, basic/extended user info, adding/editing users from within the GUI, user history, user groups, and new user registration. All commands and information are available through a simple and convenient tab dialog. Licq also has a completely configurable user interface with Skin and Icon pack support. It is written in C++ and comes with a GUI plugin using the Qt widget set. Other plugins are also available, like basic MSN support.

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2005-10-21 19:01

A Web interface, ICQ registration with image verification (CAPTCHA verification), DCOP interoperability (send files from Konqueror), an option to show the 5 most recent messages in the chat window, and support for not saving passwords. AIM shows profiles/away messages properly. MSN has support for email alerts, multi-user group messaging, block list (Invisible List), and Ignore List.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2004-11-02 11:52

New features include protocol plugin support, an
MSN plugin, emoticons, phone book support, working
reverse connections, basic GPG support, typing
notification, user pictures (older style), and a
translated daemon. AIM support was improved.
KPassivePopups is used for notification of online
users. Type ahead was implemented on the Qt-GUI
user list. Tab navigation was improved. An Owner
Manager dialog was added. The console plugin UI
was updated.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2004-09-21 11:29

Many new features and bugfixes are featured in this version
including support for other protocols. The magnitude of the
changes is also quite large (involving changes everywhere).
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2003-07-02 14:29

A crash in qt-gui which happened after a
successful file transfer was fixed. Compiling
with QT 3.0.x now works. Server side list was
enabled by default. An annoying side-effect of
the recent crash fix for ass-messages was fixed.
After toggling "multiple recipients", the
end-window got resized after each sent msg.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

2003-03-26 06:54

This release has lots of new features and bugfixes.

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