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Lincity is an SVGALIB (Linux only) and X based city/country simulation game for Linux and other Unix platforms (Solaris, FreeBSD, HP_UX, AIX, SCO and IRIX). There is also a Win32 version (win95 and NT) available as a separate package. The game reminds a bit of SimCity but has it's own goals and methods to get there.

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2004-07-09 10:41

This release creates a modules subdirectory with individual
sources for each game module (e.g. farms, residences). It
improves the MPS subsystem in concordance with splitting
modules from engine.c and various other places. All drawing
is now handled in mps.c; setup functions are removed and
replaced by all encompassing module_mps() routine. A
patch was added to support true-color displays with xpicedit.
There were also miscellaneous code cleanups.
Tags: Code cleanup, Development

2003-12-19 06:45

This release, the first major release since 1999,
includes a resizable playing area, a completely new
power code that uses a power grid instead of individual
packets of power, a new pbar design including
additional stats, mouse scrolling of the main window
using the middle mouse button, an overlay mode which
displays mini-map stats in the main window, support for
click-drag-release to create multiple transportations,
and support for internationalization (iso8859-1
languages only).
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Stable

2001-01-30 15:13

Integration of X11 and Win32 code, greyscale X11 support added,
X11 performance enhancements, fixed mouse offset problem, fixed
integer overflow problems at high tech levels, fixed crashes when
right clicking on grass squares, the code has been "cleaned" using
indent and some reworking of the Load/Save logic has been done.
Tags: Stable

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