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Lithron is a CSS2 compatible PDF renderer for XML templates based on PDFlib. It's super-slim and comes with a lot of features, like image import and Unicode support.
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2010-01-19 23:40

Several bugs were fixed.
Tags: Stable

2009-05-28 17:16

This release added PDFlib Lite support, which enables PDF rendering without PDFlib watermarks. A few shorthands were added for margin, padding, and borders. The rendering engine is now able to draw borders around block elements.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2007-02-02 15:18

This release adds a new caching system, a garbage
collector, clean
templates, four new themes, bugfixes, and
improvements in usability,
stability, and performance.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2006-06-26 06:37

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

2006-05-16 16:31
0.5 (alpha)

The code was completely rewritten, and is based on

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