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Lsyncd watches a local directory tree's event monitor interface (inotify). It aggregates and combines events for a few seconds and then spawns one (or more) process(es) to synchronize the changes. By default, this synchronization is done with rsync. Lsyncd is thus a lightweight live mirror solution that is comparatively easy to install. It does not require new filesystems or block devices and does not hamper local filesystem performance.

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2010-12-12 16:47 Back to release list

The code was completely rewritten. The configuration file format is now LUA instead of XML, allowing a range from easy configuration up until complete scripts. Different actions on different kinds of events are combined logically. Moves are allowed to move on the target (rsyncssh). Exclusion now allows simple file patterns (?, *, and **). Optionally there is now a status file. Multiple target queues do not interfere with each other. The program will no longer wait for child processes to return, so the monitor queue is constantly emptied. Operations can now be retried on network failure.

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